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    We offer a holistic, gentle and effective approach to healthcare:

    We can help alleviate symptoms such as chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, gut and digestive issues, allergies, sleep issues, depression and more. With easy to understand explanations, the compassionate doctors at Cedar Wood Natural Health Center will help you feel your best and achieve your health goals. LEARN MORE
  • About Our Center

    Cedar Wood brings together a collaborative group of mindful and talented practitioners who provide results-oriented care for their patients.

    This group of practitioners has a deep commitment to working together with our in-house services as well as with your current health care team.

    The focus of our center is to provide you with a holistic, individualized healing program that guides your process of getting well and staying well.

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  • Dr. Suzy Harris

    Dr. Suzy Harris is a chiropractic physician and expert speaker and educator on holistic healing programs.

    Sit in on a workshop or nutrition class, schedule a visit and let Dr. Suzy and her team help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Hooked on Sugar?

    Sugar causes withdrawals and cravings when trying to quit it, just like a drug. There is ONE right way to get off sugar and there are many wrong ways to get off sugar. We have helped thousands get off sugar and we do it the right way.

    Sugar could be destroying your health. Find out why and what to do about it.

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  • Tired? Fatigued? We can help!

    Most people we see complain of being tired or having low energy. The food you choose could be the biggest cause. Reversing fatigue with nutrition is the way to go.

    We really work with “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Over the course of a few months, you will be trained to see which foods cause your body to be tired and which make it energized!

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Patient Success Stories:

This is a topnotch center, and I am so grateful to everyone for taking great care of me. Next week, I have an appointment for my first full massage and can't wait! In the near future, I'm hoping to participate in one or some of the great classes that are being offered as well.
- Aimee G., Colchester
I absolutely love Cedar Wood and would not hesitate to recommend it. My symptoms are disappearing right before my eyes using the most nature-based, body-friendly treatment. You will be amazed by how your system can truly communicate with you about what it needs and doesn't need through Dr. Harris' incredible expertise. She really knows her stuff and I leave every appointment in amazement. Great staff, great recipes too! This is the best thing I've ever done for my body, and my being!
- Amber C., Essex Junction